Euro+Med taxonomic backbone

Flat file version of the Euro+Med database, derived through the EDIT platform web services

Change log

version 1.0

Turboveg version: A version of the Euro+Med list to be used by the vegetation database program Turboveg for Windows. Since TV uses only a 5 digit numeric field to store taxon id's, synonyms are excluded to reduce the number of names.


This page aims to project the Euro+Med database into a flat table format and to provide unambiguous taxon names without duplicate names. The list includes a taxonomic hierarchy by parent relationships.

Column name legend

Field name Definition
TaxonUsageID Universal uniique identifier (UUID) for every taxonym (every row); taxonyms are either valid taxa or synonyms (taxa from a different classification)
TaxonName Scientific name without name author
TaxonRank Taxonomic hierarchy rank, see Reflist Hierarchy; Version 1 contains: Kingdom, Subdivision, Class, Subclass, Superorder, Order, Family, Subfamily, Gneus, Section, Collspecies, SpeciesAggregate, Species, Subspeices, Variety, Form
Status Taxon or Synonym
Doubt Assessment and status doubtful
Fullname Scientific name with name author
published the API gives also unpublished names
AccordingTo "euromed-2020/01; will be replaced by individual Secundi
created date of creation
TaxonConceptID UUID of valid taxon; equals to TaxonUsageID for valid taxa
TaxonConcept Name of valid taxon
IsChildTaxonOfID UUID of next higher valid taxon
IsChildTaxonOf Name of parent taxon